Two simple default replacement t-shirts for The Sims 4
Male: Mediafire, Box
Female: Mediafire, Box
Please do not reupload or claim as your own
Happy Simming :) 
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How to remove Bad CC from a packaged sim

I’m not sure if this has already been explained before but I googled it and nothing came up so I figured what the hell.

Last night I downloaded sims that had some bad cc attached to them(horse body and the hooker boots). Of course I had a moment of pure rage because bad cc can be a pain in the ass to remove, but I kept my cool and tried to find a way to delete the cc without having to completely remove the sims from my game(because I still wanted to take pics with them). The problem was is that they were sims that were already in .package form and as far as I knew there was no way to remove bad cc from a packaged sim but I figured I would try anyway. Here’s what I did!

You will need S3PE and package viewer for this.(Just google them and you will find them super fast)

First you put your packaged sim into a folder on your desktop like so

Next: Open up package viewer

Click file and open then find the folder with the .package in it and click ok

Then the .package will be there and you can see the content that is in that specific package(if that makes sense)

Ok now that you’ve found the bad cc, look at the name(or number) of the bad file. Now open up S3PE and find the package with the bad cc.

After that’s done it should look something like this 

Now I know all these numbers look intimidating but don’t worry, it’s not difficult to figure out :) 

Ok next go to where it says tag and click it(this sorts out that specific category to make it easier to find what we’re looking for)

Go down until you see all the tags that say CASP(this is where you will find the cursed horse body -_-)

Now one by one go down the line until you find the one that is called HorseBody

Then delete that shit! (/>_<)/ 

Right click on the offending piece of crap file and then press deleted. After that, save and quit S3PE. 

That’s all folks! :) If you want to make sure it’s actually gone then reopen package viewer and check it out for yourself. Hope this was helpful and wasn’t too confusing. If you have any questions go ahead and ask.

Happy Simming <3

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Oh hai there Zia. Long time no see.
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You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter
You are the best thing that’s ever been mine.

Love that song &lt;3 I miss Fallon ;-;
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